Op/Ed: Remember How the US House Wanted to Gut Our Health Care?

Nancy Tyler, health care consultant and West Virginians for Affordable Health Care board member, lays out the last year in health care in a new op/ed in the Charleston Gazette.

Montana HELP-Link: A Model for West Virginina to Move Medicaid Enrollees to Good Jobs

President Trump is promoting work requirements in the Medicaid program. In our blog on May 15th, we highlighted a couple of new resources that explain how a Medicaid work requirement could harm many West Virginians who rely on Medicaid. The Montana HELP-Link program provides an alternative to a mandatory work requirement that actually helps Medicaid enrollees receive the training and education that helps them move into jobs with decent wages that lift them out of poverty.  

Medicaid Work Requirements: Harm to Women

Mother’s Day made me think about how Medicaid is a critical source of health coverage for women. But coverage for many women in West Virginia – and across the country - is at risk due to recent actions by President Trump and his administration. A new federal Medicaid guidance for the first time allows states to take away Medicaid coverage from people who do not work a certain number of hours each week. This work requirement can be imposed on adult Medicaid enrollees up to age 65, and to many women who care for children or older family members at home. A new Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Policy Brief explains more, and a West Virginians for Affordable Health Care Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet provides insight into why a Medicaid work requirement is not necessary in our state and will result in more uninsured West Virginians.

Medicaid Matters to Moms

Anna Jarvis, Mother’s Day creator and West Virginia native, was deeply involved in the health of her family and her own mother’s primary caregiver. Anna Jarvis established Mother’s Day to honor her mother, and to honor all women who daily advance the health and well-being of their families, neighbors, and communities.

Health insurance coverage is key to women’s access to health care, overall health, and economic stability. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), millions of women across the country who did not have health insurance before are now able to get affordable, quality coverage through Medicaid.

In West Virginia, the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion implemented in 2014 gave tens of thousands more women the peace of mind knowing that they had insurance coverage and would be able to see a doctor for check-ups and health care.

West Virginians for Affordable Health released a Mother's Day Fact Sheet highlighting the ways Moms rely on Medicaid.

Medicaid: Lifeline for Seniors

One of West Virginians Together for Medicaid's many great collaborating organizations, Protect Our Care, released a fact sheet detailing how Medicaid supports seniors and older Americans as part of our April Medicaid Awareness Month campaign.


How Medicaid Works for the Disabled

Protect Our Care released a fact sheet this morning that explains how Medicaid supports people with disabilities, and how the Trump Administration’s proposed cuts to the program could harm people with disabilities.

West Virginians Together for Medicaid