Babies and Motherhood

Twenty-three-year-old Judith Burnham never thought the opioid crisis would affect her, because her parents taught her better than to get mixed up in drugs. When she graduated high school, however, Judith became pregnant by her boyfriend, who struggled with addiction.

The couple tried to move forward, but the boyfriend’s addiction caused financial turmoil, which led to Judith gaining full custody of her son in 2018. Now a single parent, Judith is determined to move forward and create a better life for her son. Judith lives with her grandmother and was a participant of the West Virginia Workforce placement program. She now works at the local library and relies on Medicaid coverage for her and her son’s healthcare. 

“It helps a lot not having to worry about paying for his doctor visits.”


Working at the library, caring for her family, she is able to plan for her son’s second birthday party which is next weekend, “So things are coming together I feel like.”

This is part of the reason why West Virginians Together for Medicaid listens to and stands beside our fellow mountaineers, protecting and advocating for low cost-affordable health care. 

West Virginians Together for Medicaid thanks Judith for standing up for Medicaid by sharing her personal story.  If you are interested in sharing your Medicaid or CHIP story, reach out to us on Facebook ( or Twitter @WVTFMedicaid by sending us a message or give our Story Collection Coordinator, Lara Foster, a call 304-702-6708. Your story can help more West Virginians understand how important Medicaid is to our state’s families.

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