Texas v. United States: Affordable Care Act Under Attack Again

Two new fact sheets from West Virginians for Affordable Health Care describe what is at stake in the Texas v. United States court case that all experts agree is heading to the Supreme Court.  The case, argued in the federal district court on September 5, threatens to take coverage and care away from millions. In Texas v. United States, 20 states – including West Virginia - are asserting that the Affordable Care Act should no longer be the law of the land.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morissey decided that our state would join the lawsuit to take away insurance from hundreds of thousands of West Virginians.

What’s more, instead of defending federal law, the Trump administration is siding with the 20 states bringing the lawsuit, arguing that the court should strike down critical protections for people with preexisting conditions. If the judge rules against the health care law, the stakes will be hugely damaging for people’s health care and the system overall.

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