Share Your Story - Op-Eds and LTEs - Just Do It!

If you are reading this and you rely on Medicaid, consider Sharing Your Story through this website. Our new Story Collection Coordinator, Lara Foster, will follow up with you privately and talk with you about opportunities to share your story publicly. She can help you write your story or present it to others.  You will control how and when your story is used to educate the public and law-makers.

Another way to share your story is by writing an Op-Ed (Opinion Editorial) or LTE (Letter to the Editor) and sending it to your local paper. Our Op-Eds and LTEs – Just Do It fact sheet can help you draft and submit your own Op-Ed or LTE. West Virginians Together for Medicaid is about bringing the voices of individuals in our state who rely on Medicaid forward to educate the public and lawmakers. With one-third of West Virginians enrolled in Medicaid at some time during a year, the program is a life-line for family, friends, and neighbors. If you live in West Virginia, you know someone on Medicaid – even if you don’t realize it.

We are at a defining moment in our country as more and more people rely on Medicaid for affordable, quality health care even as opponents push out ugly misperceptions about the program and the people who rely on Medicaid. We are seeing Medicaid threatened with funding cuts and harmful changes again and again. To save Medicaid, it is critical that we showcase the human stories of individuals and families benefiting from the Medicaid program – low-income children, pregnant women, people with disabilities, seniors, families with a loved-one who needs long-term care, and people who work lower-wage jobs with no health benefits. 


West Virginians Together for Medicaid